The Epic Non Date

Before I decided to delete my dating apps after a brief second attempt. I had the pleasure of talking to someone who introduced himself with a killer opening line. 
Now physically this guy wasn't my typical type and some of my friends always joke about how they think I don't have a type even though I do. Well…maybe not physically but I definitely have a type. It's basically what most girls wants in the opposite sex tall, dark and handsome. 

As a person with a great interest in relationships and love, (don’t ask me why, maybe one too many romcoms) and after reading countless articles/blog posts and watching the odd documentary (The Mobile Love Industry, if you are interested) on relationships, the general consensus seemed to be "Once in a while, just give a different type of guy a chance" and with that in mind, I gave this guy just that. 

Sorry, I digress…back to the story at hand. Now considering the kind of options I had been getting I thought  "Well...why not?" and decided to give him my number.

He started our conversation by saying something along the lines of…

"How about we cut the small talk and go out on a date?"

And as I've already mentioned to you guys, I like a confident guy, so things were already off to a good start.

We exchanged a few messages back and forth and in my attempt to not be that girl (you know the one that bombards a guy she JUST started talking to because he's so cute, well dressed, tall. Insert whatever excuse seems fitting here in your dating life) I kept the conversations pretty casual.  

So we had been talking for a while and I can't remember the particular day but at the start of the week he messaged me saying "Are we still on for Friday?" and I replied with a simple "Yes".

In normal circumstances,  and being my usual charming self I would have made some form of small talk but after the day I had at work and being extremely tired by the time I got to the end of it, I really wasn't in no mood to get into a conversation with a guy who wasn't anything more than a virtual stranger at this point.

A few more days go by and now it's Thursday. I realise we hadn't even confirmed where it is this guy wanted to whisk me away to, so I messaged him asking "Where were we going?", you know just so I could work out what to wear etc and almost immediately he replied with a "FUCK! I'm so sorry".

He then proceeded to tell me he wasn't in the country and had gone to Swiss for work. you mean to tell me that between getting ready for your work trip, packing and even BOARDING THE DAMN PLANE, you forgot that you arranged a date?

Nope. I'm not buying it. Not one little bit. 

But being the forgiving person (who can also have the memory of a goldfish at the best of times) I decided to try and rearrange the date, which he suggested might I add.

Given the fact that I work in Elstree and live in South London my plans during the week are usually reserved for my close friends and family and even that is only if I really have to! I told him that I was only free Friday and you know what this guy replied with?

"Looks like a non-starter and good luck with everything".

Pause. Sorry, what? 

Needless to say I didn't reply. I also forgot to reply back because I was too busy washing my hair! And if you ever see this, thanks for wishing me luck and best of luck to you too *major rolls eyes*.

Gemma Ama x

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