It’s strange how things happen...
How life can just change in an instance without you even realising
See before he was just this random boy I saw around
Now he makes me laugh even without knowing
Random how things can be



Resisting the urge to go so deeply within this to avoid us both getting hurt
Yet for some reason
What seemed to be so black and white, is now flowing down a path of the unfamiliar that could cause both of us a greater pain.
Or should I say me,
As it is no longer apparent to me what you think about this


Case of the Exes

I slightly ashamed to admit it but I enjoy trash TV. The Only Way is Essex. TOWIE. However, you refer to it I like it and I'm happy to indulge in this secret pleasure viewing. 



Thinking of him takes me back to a place when I was happiest
A time and place when trouble was a matter that didn't concern me,
My childhood...oh how sweet!
When my one and only concern was what should I eat!
This was before the reality of growing up and upcoming adulthood hit me like a ton of bricks
And becoming an adult seemed like a lifetime away...


Christmas Wish List

It's weird because I'm not really a Christmas-y person (I may or may not have been likened to the Grinch before *major eye rolls emoji* but this year for some odd reason, I'm feeling the festive spirit a little more. It could because I'm starting to feel a little more settled in my working life and I actually really like and enjoy my job. It also helps that I work with some of the nicest and creative people I've had the pleasure of meeting recently.


Right Person Wrong Time?

Have you ever met someone you just instantly clicked with? It's like the conversation just naturally flows, everything just seems right and feels right and in an ideal scenario you would be together, yet for some reason, you aren't.


What’s with All the Games?

Like I mentioned previously Sex and the City is like one of my favourite programmes of all time. Friendship, honesty and relationships, what more could you ask for?


His Reflection

As I stared at his perfect reflection through the display window
It was like time stood still for what felt like an eternity
I was frozen in the moment
I had a thousand thoughts running through my head,
Appearing in my head and fleeting just as quickly…
“It was never meant to happen like this!”
“Why today of all days?”
As I stood there with my brain running like a Gatwick Express train
My heart started to beat faster and faster until I could hardly hear myself think
I should have walked away then and there but I continued to stare at his perfect reflection


A Funny thing called Closure

I recently put up a blog post called "What Are the Break Up Rules?" talking about a recent situation that had ended. It felt like things happened very quickly and before I knew it was over. Just like it.  I wasn’t ready and I certainly didn’t want it to end but it was over and I had to try and get over it. To be hundred percent honest I am still coming to terms with it being over. 


How Soon is Too Soon?

Let's paint a picture. You have recently started seeing someone and things are going really well but the time is approaching when it can get a little awkward.


Dating App Chronicles Part I

If you remember I previously mentioned that some time last year I thought it was a good idea to join a dating app would be the solution to my so far chaotic and complicated love life (I don’t know why I ever thought that). As you can assume from the title of this post you can guess – it didn’t work out.  


Is the Grass Really Greener?

I have a few friends who are in relationships who always tell me how much they want to be single and I look at them and think why, though? 


Kind of Love

I want that all consuming kind of love,
That deep can't live with each other but can't live without each other kind of love,
Before you think I'm just another clueless romantic who has this unrealistic notion of that kind of love,Take a moment to just listen to why I crave that kind of love. 
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