Resisting the urge to go so deeply within this to avoid us both getting hurt
Yet for some reason
What seemed to be so black and white, is now flowing down a path of the unfamiliar that could cause both of us a greater pain.
Or should I say me,
As it is no longer apparent to me what you think about this

You make it seem so simple yet I’m finding it hard
I don’t know what this is
It could be nothing but then again it could be everything

Thoughts of you captivating my mind in a way I couldn’t even possibly imagine
And it’s scary to think this is all temporary
Because with every fiber within me,
I’m dreaming of a future with us together
They are so vivid it is like we are already in this near distant future
Shining brightly together like stardust
And I think that is what making this more difficult than the thought of this ending soon

But if I don’t grasp these precious moments with you now,
I would never have known what it was like to feel…
Your warm embrace
Your tender touch
Your luscious kisses
Your inquisitive nature

That curious mind that seems to be going into constant overdrive,
Which makes you so intriguing to me
I sometimes look at you wondering what has captured you so deeply within your thoughts, it seems like you in a completely new world.
I’m so intrigued, and so eager to be in this new world along with you.

Just the two of us
So we can be pulled into our own little universe
Flourishing together amongst the twinkling stars and glowing moonlight

Then reality sets in and it all comes tumbling and crashing down on me
Because I know it is all a fantasy that I wish could be true
And I go back to embracing you and this moment because either way I lose out on what could have been

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