Kind of Love

I want that all consuming kind of love,
That deep can't live with each other but can't live without each other kind of love,
Before you think I'm just another clueless romantic who has this unrealistic notion of that kind of love,Take a moment to just listen to why I crave that kind of love. 

As Jermaine Cole said that Jada and that Will love,
Well maybe not their love because I'm not into it so I don't know exactly how it works.
But something that feels real.
Like that person was made specifically for me kind of love.

That closing my eyes and dreaming of a future with you and I kind of love,
That going to the any shop and knowing instantly what you would like and picking them up because I know you would love them kind of love,
The waking up in the middle of the night and just staring at you kind of love,
Well maybe not...that kind of love because then you will think I'm crazy,
More catching a glimpse of you when you think you look your worst but to me you look the best kind of love.

That thinking about how much you irritate the hell out of me but realising how much I’ve fallen to see that is one of many reasons I love you kind of love, 
That laughing at how much you complain about me being the jealous type but knowing secretly is it one of the many reasons you love kind of love,
That telling myself I’m not calling you today but lasting about an hour before I do kind of love,
That recognising how right we feel together is almost like in some alternative universe we are together too kind of love,
That knowing that this love I have you could break me yet still wanting to be in because it is you kind of love,
That knowing you are the truth like India Arie said kind of love.

That I’m having a bad day but as soon as I talk to you none of that matters kind of love,
That looking at you simply smiling lights up my world kind of love,
That knowing what you are thinking and are about to say before you even say kind of love,
That knowing how much you dislike hand holding but you do it because you know it makes me happy kind of love,
That picking up on all your tiny little quirks that make you who you are kind of love 
Is it too much to ask for and find that kind of love? 

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