Why Have Rebound Relationship When You Can Have Rebound Shoes?

We've all heard the saying the best way to get over someone old is to get under someone new. As hilarious as I find the wording of that saying I don't think I necessarily agree with it. 

During a conversation with a friend recently we ended up on the concept of rebounds and whether is it a good idea or not. My friend and I both agree that we felt the idea of having a rebound was a bad idea. 

I personally feel that it could end up doing you more harm than good. I put it down to simply to the timing of a rebound relationship. After a break up (particularly a long term one) we are often left licking our wounds and thinking about why it didn't work and most likely after that we are thinking about ways to make ourselves feel better. 

Whilst I can understand the merits of a rebound relationship I think it is slightly problematic in the sense you are already vulnerable so if you end up in one of these situations and they end things with you. You will probably end up feeling worse because you will feel rejected all over again.  

As easy as it is to say that it isn't a big deal and it is just a casual and temporary situation we just happen to be in these things aren't always easy to predict. You could end up really liking the person and if they don't feel the same it's like going through another break up. Just not as intense because there is less emotions and feelings invested in the early stages. 

I'm yet to hear of a rebound relationship that has involved one person or both people not ending up getting hurt, or even developing into anything serious at all. But that could just be some of the people I know. 

I guess everyone had their own ways to cope. Me personally I prefer to buy myself clothes (realistically I should probably buy less but that is the life of a shopaholic and they say the first step is admitting you have a problem, so I'm halfway there). Somehow new items just always make you better about most of the challenges life throw at us. 

So instead of getting over someone old by getting under someone new, I say getting over someone by stomping over that heartache in fabulous new Dune booties like the ones I recently bought that are definitely becoming my favourites new go.

Gemma Ama x


  1. I love this and I totally agree! I'd rather splash my cash on new clothes than search for rebounds.

    1. Thank you my love :) Yes - it just makes more sense to me to invest in myself then trying to fill the void with another person when I personally think you should have some time to yourself after a break up.


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