The Turtle and The Hare

So I have been a fan of SATC (some of my friends might refer to it as a broad line obsession) since I can remember. 
I've probably re-watched every episode at least (let's just say I've lost count - definitely in double figures), I digress however my point I'm trying to make is I learnt real life lessons from Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. The writer in me would like to say Carrie is my favourite but Samantha little pearls of wisdom on how to be a badass in life and love give her a special place. 

In episode 109 Stanford says to Carrie: "You really want it all". It got me thinking what is wrong with wanting to have it all?

I just turned 25 this year and for some reason, I feel this mounting pressure to be coupled up. Like after the age of 25 you lose some value of some sort if you are God forbid single and even happy being single.

The question I keep being asked is so have you met anyone yet?

Admittedly, I have met some nice guys recently but for me, there has been something missing. That spark. Uncontrollable butterflies. Call it what you like but it just hasn't been there with these guys so nothing has happened thus far.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those single people who hates the idea of relationships. Quite the opposite actually. I love the idea of love. I'm a hopeless romantic who is still waiting to get swept off her feet. Even as a self-confessed romantic I am also realistic in what I want. At least I think I am. I know what I want may not necessarily come in the package I want but does that mean we have to settle for love?

Settling - that uncomfortable word some of us are afraid to face. How many times have you heard about a friend or a friend of a friend meeting a wonderful guy that they didn't see themselves with? 

Exactly my point. How many of those couples are genuinely happy?

I believe even if they may not come in the package you want you still need to be physically attracted to them. Otherwise, eventually it might not work out in the long term. It might be the unpopular opinion but it's true.

My question is if you have to grow to really love someone are you not settling for less than you deserve?

What do you guys think? Am I being completely unrealistic? Or do you share the same views as me? Would love to hear different thoughts.


Gemma Ama x


  1. I agree with the settling! you shouldn't settle! and hey i'm single and I know I have realistic relationship goals but I'm not going to settle. You don't necessarily need to feel butterflies though, you have to take a step back and think, is this guy really for me? Hetty

    1. Yes - settling just doesn't make sense to me. Ahh fair enough I don't think everyone does need them but it must be the romantic in me makes me want to get excited every time I talk/see the person I end up with, but only partially because I want them to work for me but I also feel like the butterflies make it easier to deal with especially when things get difficult in the relationship x

  2. Nice post Gem- Totally makes me think, I was wondering what is settling? I feel I struggled with settling when I was not being honest with my wants and needs. However I have came to conclusion that realistic relationship goals are REALISTIC once you can somewhat provide these goals to yourself before coupling up.

    What do you guys think ? Lita x

    1. Thank you lovely 😚​ Yeah - definitely comes down to what you can and can't handle. If you end up with people you wouldn't necessarily choose in normal circumstances that is where the lines get blurred. I completely agree with this until you know what you want from significant other you will may just move around from relationship to relationship x

    2. Its that lil advice grown ups psssh…but super true lol. Better to be alone then bouncing around. x


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