The Flying Goodbye Note Part 1

Fly away into the night sky so far I could not trace you even if I tried.
You and I are both more than aware that this has been pending
Like the pressure of overflowing ash so close to its breaking point it is a surprise it had made it this far without destroying everything within its very sight
But I chose to cling onto you like you were mine to keep
Not realising that by keeping you close I was concealing your beauty from those that deserved to see you in your glorious form

The pureness of your heart…
As I was able to provoke emotions that had been buried so deeply they erupted in a way that frightened me, shaking me to the very core of my being

The sincerity in your eyes…

Opening me up to a new world that I was not ready to explore, in a way I was a coward because it seemed easier to sabotage what could have been.

I would have rather placed broken pieces of fragmented glass in my own way than have you implode my already fragile heart
You see I had become so numb to the hurt and pain that I felt if I got there first I could have said I won
I was not the fool this time around…


  1. Wow. Well written. Love it!


  2. Beautiful. I love the sentiment behind this peice of work

  3. Thank you very much guys :) Xx

  4. love! Beautiful! and your website is stunning!

    1. Thank you Hetty :) I'll check out your page as well


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