Five Signs He Just Isn’t that Into You

Throughout my years of dating and relationships, there are various things I have learnt. 
As you can tell from the title today...I am talking about the signs that make it blatantly obvious that a guy just isn’t that into you. 

1)You barely hear from him
I have always had this belief that we make time for the things we want and if a guy says he is going to call or message you and doesn’t, he will have a really good reason for not doing so. If he doesn’t then, unfortunately, he just isn’t that into you.

Also contacting someone after a long period of time with a very lame excuse about why they have heard from you never works. I'm just saying. 

2) He will make time for you
This carries on from my last sign because again if someone isn’t making time for you despite being busy (we are all very busy nowadays) then how much can they really like you, to begin with? 

I know sometimes us ladies like to justify why we haven’t heard from someone for a number of reasons (select as appropriate in your case) like he is super attractive, nice, or funny etc.  
We need to remember there will be someone who is equally as attractive if not more who will have time for you in their lives. When one door closes and all that.

3) He hasn’t arranged or taken you on a date yet
In this day and age of Netflix and chill, I know dates are a bit of rarity but they still happen and some of us (like me) who still expect dates when getting to know someone new.

If you have been talking to a person for a certain amount of time and they are yet to arrange a date with you then is it likely is he just isn’t that into you. 

4) He will ask about your life
When you are having conversations with the person if they constantly talking about themselves (they are either narcissistic person) or he isn’t interested enough to get to know you. Find someone who is interested in you as much as you are in them. 

5)You only hear from him after a particular time
Booty call hours we all know when they are and if you don’t know then (they are roughly from 9pm onwards - the watershed of dating if you will).

Point is - If he only makes it a habit of only calling you during this time period in the early stages he is most likely only interested in one thing or again is just not that into you.

What do you guys think? Am I right or completely wrong? Is there some flexibility sometimes or am I spot on? Did I leave any signs that you may have experienced of my list? Let me know.

Gemma Ama x


  1. Good points. I feel like as we get older this is making more sense

    1. Thank you 😊 And yes as we get older these things become a lot easier to notice. Whether we actually listen to it is a different story altogether 😂


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