Your silhouette is curved like a stunning sculpture,
Shaped with an elegance that is intoxicating to everyone that you grasp with your inner glow.
So luminous is your being is it like looking into the sun directly, and being blinded...
Yet you continue to guise at it,
Even though you know it isn't good for you, but the charm it holds has you trapped.

Because each curve on you is created with the intention to spellbind an audience into the special haven that is your existence.
Luring them further into every single delicate detail of you.

And as I learn to trace my fingers around these precious details that form these very curves.
From the tips of your feet to the tip of your head...
Learning to explore you in ways even you didn't know where possible.
As I want to leave my mark in the most special part of you...
The rarest of the rare.

Having it placed so deep that those after me would have to search for years on end, just to get a little closer to it. 
But that may not be possible because it wouldn't be for the naked eye to see.
As it had been immersed in place that would cause them to drown trying to reach highs that weren't meant to be.
Especially those that haven't taken enough time before attempting the task of exploring you,
Because to do that they would have to learn to study you closely.

Every twist. 
Every curve.
Every turn.

Because for them to do that they would realise how much time and effort it took in
Creating you...piece by piece. 
From the curve in your smile to the curve in your back.

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