My Summer Romance with London

Summer is my all time favourite season. So many great things happen in the warmer weather.  

Random BBQs, picnics in parks, sitting in pubs drinking ciders. In addition to this I’m a July baby so I also have my birthday to look forward to. It also happens to be the birthday of one of my closest friends so double celebrations.

Normally every summer I make a silent promise to myself to make the most of the long, sunny days and nights, and every summer so far I have failed in my promise to myself. Except this year, I really can say I had one of the best summers. 'Summer 16' (as Drake had everyone singing all summer) is well and truly over now.

This summer I turned 25, finally secured a role that I actually enjoy and I've been inspired to start writing again. Hence the new blog! And I know it all sounds a bit cliché, but I can even say that I've fallen back in love with my city.

Upon finishing my last internship and getting my new role I had about 4 months to do whatever I wanted... so I decided to do everything.  

One night I went to Callooh Callay with some friends and somehow ended up in this kitsch pub turned bar called The Corner Shop (ironically on the corner of Shoreditch). It was a very fun night and I definitely need to do more nights like that with my friends.  

Courtesy of my friend who had a cool job that allowed us to check out the latest bars and events in London, for a tiny bit of menial labour (writing up a review) I was able to have a few more lively nights out in London on the cheap. My personal favourite was drinks and pizza at Old Street Records (even though it was pointlessly loud) and an old film night in Clapham, where we were treated to an evening of nostalgia. 

I ended the month on a small high; being my birthday and as previously mentioned turning 25 - that age where you feel as though life is finally coming together. I spent a majority of the day beautifying myself at the hairdressers before heading for drinks at Oxo Tower, and I don’t know if it was seeing the whole of London or if it was just the summer feeling but it made me appreciate how breath-taking the city is. There was also a couple that had just got engaged and were celebrating with a load of their friends, which was super cute. I’m a real sucker for a love story, as I'm sure you guys will learn very quickly.

Then on the Saturday I planned to go for a nice Italian dinner with my friends then head to the theatre to see ‘In the Heights’. The evening didn’t exactly go as planned. Outfit mishaps, getting lost around St Pancras (does anyone know where Carluccio’s is please? I’m yet to find it). Despite this, I had a great night with the ladies and would definitely do it all again, well minus the difficulty of getting an Uber at the end of the night!

Now that the cold weather has hit us and the nights are getting shorter. The winter jackets have been well and truly dusted off. Oddly enough Christmas is just around the corner - how is that possible, please? It feels like it was just the beginning of the year not too long ago.  

Although I intend on making the most of the winter, I will also be semi planning for next summer and the new adventures that will allow me to continue my newfound romance with London.

Gemma Ama x

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