The Three Types of Guys You Will Meet on Dating Apps

So last year I had the bright idea that I should join a dating app because well I don’t know why but I thought it would be a good idea.
In hindsight, it goes down as one of my silly ideas but it was fun and it certainly taught me some interesting lessons about the world of online dating.

1) The Creepy One

For the sake of writing purposes, it has been brought to my attention that addressing someone, as the creepy one is quite harsh regardless of it being very true. So instead of the creepy one let’s call him the awkward one. 

He was very interesting indeed. To begin the conversation was relatively normal but as time processed the interaction with him became very creepy (I meant awkward). One example from my time of talking to him was the time I told him (in the beginning I must add) I was sick so couldn’t arrange a date with him. So far pretty normal until a few weeks later, he asked me in a fairly forceful way if I was “still sick”. As an English graduate and I would like to believe fairly good communicator I didn’t appreciate the tone of it and I promptly decided to stop any further conversation with him. 

2) The Cocky One

This guy knows he is good looking, drives a nice car and is well dressed and he will let it be known at any given opportunity. 

Based on purely physical attributes he is the type of guy I would be interested in getting to know so I decided to get to know him because sometimes things might not always appear, as they seem. 

Turns out your gut is normally right the first time around and I really need to listen to mine more often.  During our first date when he decided to keep his sunglasses on and I instantly decided that I didn’t like him and this would be the first and last time I saw him. 

However, after talking to him a bit and deciding he was relatively normal and not as arrogant as I first thought, I for some odd reason ended up seeing him two more times and that is when I learnt I should have left it after the first date. 

Because even though he has his good points generally he isn’t the type of guy I would want to be with, and that is simply because I think he was way too full of himself. I like confidence in a guy but cockiness I definitely can’t do. 

3) The Fetish One

In the early stages of joining the dating app, I started talking to a guy who felt it was right to tell me that he had never slept with a black girl.

It has come to my attention that apparently all dating apps have this type of guy. The guy that seems perfectly nice to begin with then you learn they have a fetish. Whether it is with feet, your hair colour etc. They have this urge to share it with you like it may make them look more appealing to you.

I don’t know what I was more offended by – his broadness or the fact that he thought it would actually be a turn on to tell me this. Like seriously? Has that ever worked for anyone? Please someone tell me I would love to know if I missed the memo or something. 


Gemma Ama x 

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