The Flying Goodbye Note Part 2

The continuous merry-go-around that we put ourselves on has to stop
And it is harder, knowing everything that has been expressed cannot be taken back…but we both know this time around it has to be it
No more turning back
No more false sense of realities that neither of us cannot admit or aren't willing to admit

In the simplest way it can be put we cannot seem to get it together so this continuous merry-go-around cannot longer be
Going on and on…
Like it cannot be stopped…like neither of us can get off…like I do not have a choice

In an unmistakable way we both know this is child’s play
An unwritten rule that is painted so clearly in black and white,
There can be no confusion as to what it is.
Which means it should be so simple, but we have complicated to the point I have to question whether it is even worth it or not

Yet I have to remember it is all relevantly irrelevant because I feel sick to the deepest depths of my core being
And so very tired of this continuous rapture of melancholy love.
Even though this time I could firmly say I had “won” it did not feel like a win

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