Why Have Rebound Relationship When You Can Have Rebound Shoes?

We've all heard the saying the best way to get over someone old is to get under someone new. As hilarious as I find the wording of that saying I don't think I necessarily agree with it. 


The Dating App Chronicles Back Story

If you guys have been following my blog you will be aware that I decided last year to join a dating app,where I discussed the three types of guys you could potentially meet. Just in case you haven’t got the slightest clue what I am talking about.


The New Lace Romance

I have always had a thing for lace detail anything, so it was like fate when I was waiting for my friend I decided to have a browse in shops on Oxford Circus and found this dress and these precious rings.


The Three Types of Guys You Will Meet on Dating Apps

So last year I had the bright idea that I should join a dating app because well I don’t know why but I thought it would be a good idea.



Your silhouette is curved like a stunning sculpture,
Shaped with an elegance that is intoxicating to everyone that you grasp with your inner glow.
So luminous is your being is it like looking into the sun directly, and being blinded...
Yet you continue to guise at it,
Even though you know it isn't good for you, but the charm it holds has you trapped.


Five Signs He Just Isn’t that Into You

Throughout my years of dating and relationships, there are various things I have learnt. 


My Summer Romance with London

Summer is my all time favourite season. So many great things happen in the warmer weather.  


What are the Break Up Rules?

So I’ve recently come out of something that could only be described as the “it’s complicated” relationship statuses you use to see on Facebook in yesteryear.  


Green Suede Dreams

Can we just take a moment to appreciate just how dreamy this dress is please?


The Flying Goodbye Note Part 2

The continuous merry-go-around that we put ourselves on has to stop
And it is harder, knowing everything that has been expressed cannot be taken back…but we both know this time around it has to be it
No more turning back
No more false sense of realities that neither of us cannot admit or aren't willing to admit


The Flying Goodbye Note Part 1

Fly away into the night sky so far I could not trace you even if I tried.
You and I are both more than aware that this has been pending
Like the pressure of overflowing ash so close to its breaking point it is a surprise it had made it this far without destroying everything within its very sight
But I chose to cling onto you like you were mine to keep
Not realising that by keeping you close I was concealing your beauty from those that deserved to see you in your glorious form


The Turtle and The Hare

So I have been a fan of SATC (some of my friends might refer to it as a broad line obsession) since I can remember. 
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