Thinking of him takes me back to a place when I was happiest
A time and place when trouble was a matter that didn't concern me,
My childhood...oh how sweet!
When my one and only concern was what should I eat!
This was before the reality of growing up and upcoming adulthood hit me like a ton of bricks
And becoming an adult seemed like a lifetime away...
Now it is a stone throw away!
Thinking of him makes me light up with joy because he is the sweetest I've ever known
So kind and truthful...
Yet...what if I'm wrong?
I have been before.
You see what thinking can do to your joy?
It can destroy your joy as easily as a delicate flower can be spoiled by rotten soil...
It can destroy it with its rational voice...getting inside your thoughts...destroying everything you thought you knew
Making you contemplate problems and mistakes before they even have been made
So what to do?

Keep on thinking or throw yourself in head first...knowing you could get hurt?

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