Where is my Mojo?

I don't know if you guys have noticed that I'm not posting as frequently as I use to.
There are a number of different reasons for this: 

1. The work/blogging balance is hard. I work full time and as much as I love my job. My daily commute is 4 hours a day so as you can imagine: 
- I'm tired. Like really tired.  I would really like it if I could take a week's long nap without any disruptions. 
2. I'm kind of struggling with ideas at the moment, which is making it hard to have regular posts. 

One of the things I have always struggled with as a writer is losing that spark to continuously write something that I am hundred percent happy to share with others.  With this said I have never been one of those writers that will post something just for the sake of it. Something in me just won't allow it.   Call it perfectionism…whatever you will… I just can't, if I'm not fully confident with it.  As you may have been able to tell from this blog post and the slightly than longer unplanned absence, that is currently how I am feeling. 

When I created this blog I hoped it would be a place for me to share my inner thoughts about whatever has inspired me and indirectly wished it would spark some conversation or could be used as a way of explaining how others feel about varied topics. 

If any of my readers are creatives in any way then I'm sure you will be familiar with what I'm describing here. For whatever reason recently I felt like anything I tried to create just isn't that great. 

I wasn't too sure how to word this post but I felt like I owed my readers a little explanation. I'm not too sure who you are individually but based on my numbers I clearly have regular readers, so I thought I would just try and explain where I am and hope you guys bare with me whilst I try and get my blogging mojo back. 

Gemma Ama x

P.S. I promise I will be back sooner rather than later just working on some content now and hoping I still like it once it comes to posting them! 

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