A Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day is fast approaching and after seeing copious amounts of advertisements filled with roses, chocolate and gushy cards intended for the one you love or really, really 'bananas' about. There is a real card out there that actually has that written on it. But whatever floats your boat and all that. 

Then we get onto the Valentine's fashion edits from some of my favourite brands. It is can be seen as a firm reminder for single girls that St. Valentine didn't strike us with his bow and arrow this year. And that can be slightly hard to deal with when it feels like everyone is coupled up around you. Especially if we are not single out of choice or we just haven't met the right person yet - it can be a day is really reminds you of your single girl status.

So to make it easier on you (and me) I have put together a list of things that I have done previously and will continue doing until I have someone to celebrate the day of lovers with below: 

  1. Have a good pamper session. Whether you decided to do it yourself or you book an appointment at local spa and nail salon.
  2. Buy THAT item you have been lushing after ever since you saw it. It could be the dreamy bag that you probably shouldn’t buy because you already have one to many but sometimes you just have to because you know treat yo self!
  3. Buy yourself some flowers or chocolate (or if you anything like me a nice bottle of vino or two). If you can, why not buy all three? Us girls like these things for a reason.
  4. Netflix and chill with yourself. Ice cream, popcorn, and some wine - what more could a girl ask for?
  5. Arrange a girl's night - It could be anything from dancing the night away to a simple dinner that gives you the opportunity to get all dressed up a la Sex and the City.
Although I may be personally feel a little cynical about the day myself. Largely due to the fact that I feel like it was a day that once upon a time had greater meaning. Based on spending time with a potential love or someone you already loved but it has now become another occasion to fulfil our consumer needs but isn't that exactly what Christmas, Easter and Mother's Day have become yet we still buy into them so why not Valentine's? 

However silly it may seem to some people and simply yet another reason to spend more money, I can't lie - I'm very excited about one day meeting someone I really like and can see some form of a near future with so we can spend Valentine's Day doing something romantic and possibly vomit worthy. Like they say if you can't beat them then you might as well join them and that is exactly my plan. 

I hope my little list has given you some ideas on how to spend your time this year ladies. Whatever you end up doing this 14th of February I hope you have a wonderful day and remember that love is all around us. 

Gemma Ama x 

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